WPSR Speakers' Bureau


WPSR has brought together a diverse group of medical professionals and other experts able to speak on many of the most pressing regional, national, and international issues facing society today, with a particular focus on health and a medical perspective. 

Our Speakers' Bureau includes members willing to present at grand rounds, brown bag lunches, or other meetings. We have spoken at schools, churches, hospitals, and other community settings.

To inquire about having a WPSR speaker at your event, please contact us.

See below for bios of our speakers. Our current list of topics include:

  • Middle East Conflicts & Peace Efforts
  • Nuclear Power
  • Nuclear Weapons Issues and Security
  • Climate Change and Fossil Fuels
  • Hanford Nuclear Site
  • Income Inequality

climate change and fossil fuels

  • Health Effects of Climate Change
  • Climate Change: The Scientific Basis
  • Co-Benefits of Climate Change Mitigation
  • Crude Oil and Coal Transportation and Storage Issues
  • Health Impacts of Fracked Gas and Methanol  


  • Bruce Amundson, MD 
  • Margaret Kitchell, MD 
  • Kenneth Lans, MD, MBA 
  • Michael Soman, MD, MPH 
  • Mary Margaret Thomas, RN, MSN, NC-BC 
  • Mark Vossler, MD 

Income Inequality

  • How the Income Gap Affects Health Outcomes
  • U.S. Health in Perspective: Shorter Lives, Poorer Health


  • Stephen Bezruchka, MD, MPH 

Nuclear Weapons Issues and Security

  • Abolition of Nuclear Weapons
  • Health and Environmental Effects of Nuclear Weapons
  • Trident Submarines: Washington State's Nuclear Stockpile


  • Bruce Amundson, MD 
  • David C. Hall, MD

Middle East Conflicts & Peace Efforts

  • Middle East: Humanitarian and Health Care Efforts


  • Gerri Haynes

Nuclear power

  • Economic, Waste, and Seismic Concerns Associated with Nuclear Power


  • Tom Buchanan
  • Steven G. Gilbert, PhD, DABT

Hanford Nuclear Site

  • Hanford History and Contemporary Issues
  • Environmental and Health Impacts of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation


  • Steven G. Gilbert, PhD, DABT

Speaker Bios: