Our Strategic Plan 


Mission: Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility engages the community to create a healthy, peaceful and sustainable world.

Vision: We envision a world where all live healthy lives free from the threats of nuclear war, global climate catastrophe and injustice.


Nuclear Weapons

Our vision: To reduce U.S. nuclear weapons and their risks. This includes the prevention of nuclear war and the elimination of the world’s nuclear weapons.

Goal 1: Impact nuclear weapons policy by moving Washington Members of Congress to take action on nuclear weapons in line with our policy priorities

Goal 2: Strengthen the anti-nuclear weapons movement in Washington State

Goal 3: Expand public awareness in Washington State on nuclear weapons issues

Goal 4: Strengthen and expand the organizational capacity of the WPSR nuclear weapons abolition task force

Climate Change

Our vision: We work in Washington State to:

  • Bring attention to climate change as one of the greatest threats to human survival.

  • Be recognized as the leading health voice in Washington for climate advocacy and serve as a resource to others

  • Convene and support a strong health voice for climate action, moving towards a rapid vision of 100% renewable energy.

Goal 1: Support rapid transition away from fossil fuels towards 100% renewable energy 

Goal 2: Engage the healthcare community to act on climate

Goal 3: Communicate the health risks of climate change and fossil fuel infrastructure + benefits of acting/adaptation

Goal 4: Grow and sustain the capacity of Climate & Health Task Force

For all our goals, we strive to support and work in solidarity with low-income, communities of color, and tribal nations disproportionately impacted by climate change 


Our vision: To make Washington the healthiest state in the U.S. by championing policies that alleviate economic inequity and its resulting health consequences.

Goal 1: Educate health professionals and the public about how economic inequity is a root cause of poor health outcomes

Goal 2: Advocate for progressive taxation policies in the state of Washington

Goal 3: Support and advocate for harm reduction strategies related to substance use

Goal 4: Promote increased access to safe and affordable housing

Goal 5: Reinforce and expand policies supporting early life investments