WPSR Volunteer Task Forces


Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility is primarily a volunteer-based organization. Our issue-area task forces, composed of healthcare professionals and other community members, take the lead in setting WPSR's strategic priorities. They typically meet monthly and play a vital role in our program work. Below you will find more information on our three task forces.

We are always looking to add new voices to our task forces. If you are interested in joining us, please get in touch with us

Physicians for Social Responsibility

climate and health task force

WPSR's climate and health task force - a group of practicing and academic health professionals - seeks to bring attention to climate change as a current personal and public health issue. We work to enlist other healthcare leaders to actively speak out on the health impacts of climate change, and provide a medical voice for promoting low-carbon energy sources. Visit our section on climate change for more information on this work and how to get involved. 

Task Force Co-Chairs:

Ken Lans, MD
Sarah Cornett

Task Force Members:

  • Chris Covert-Bowlds, MD

  • Jerry Cufley, MD

  • Phyllis Eide, RN, PHD

  • Larry Freeman, MD

  • Rejean Idzerda, PhD

  • Margaret Kitchell, MD

  • Ken Lans, MD, MBA

  • Richard Lipsky, MD

  • David Masuda, MD, MPH

  • Laura Skelton, MA

  • Michael Soman, MD, MPH

  • Mary Margaret Thomas, RN

  • Lou Vontver, RN

  • Nate Matthews-Trigg, MPH

  • Callan Foeckle, MD, MPH

  • Annemarie Dooley, MD

  • Dianne Glover, MD

  • Mark Roller, MD

  • Jim Little, MD

Economic inequity & health task force

WPSR's economic inequity and health task force is continually growing and expanding. Now that WA State has passed a strong paid family leave policy, we are working to support other policies that would reduce economic inequity (including tax reform) and improve the lives of those who are most deeply impacted by inequity. Visit our Income Inequality page for more information, or contact us about joining our task for and supporting our work.

Task Force Co-Chairs:

Stephen Bezruchka, MD
Mary Weiss, MD

Task Force Members:

Physicians for Social Responsibility

nuclear weapons task force

WPSR's nuclear weapons abolition task force works to organize civil society to educate and pressure our elected officials on nuclear weapons issues. As the US begins to launch a surprising and ill-conceived policy to "modernize" its entire nuclear triad - submarines, missiles and bombers - at a projected cost of a trillion dollars over 30 years, we have to say no. Visit our section on nuclear weapons for more information on this issue and supporting our work. 

Task Force Chair:

Joe Berkson, MD
Carly Brook

Task Force Members:

  • Alex Tufel

  • Amy Hagopian

  • Betsy Bell

  • Cameron Dacey

  • David Hall

  • Holly Barker, Ph.D

  • Jim Sawyer

  • Kit Burns

  • Laura Skelton

  • Mary Hanson

  • Max Savishinsky, Ed.D

  • Olympia Hunt

  • Pat Leckenby

  • Peter Lumsdaine

  • Rebecca Nylin

  • William Jones