Washington Against Nuclear Weapons

Vision: We envision a future safe from the humanitarian, health, and environmental threats posed by nuclear weapons. We understand that the use of even one nuclear weapon would have disastrous consequences, and so we aim to ultimately abolish all nuclear weapons globally. 

Our Coalition: Our coalition represents leaders in peace organizations, the labor movement, environmental groups, communities of color, faith groups, and health professionals. Given the current political landscape, we are working collaboratively to reduce and/or eliminate all components of the proposed rebuild of the US nuclear arsenal. To make this effort effective, we believe it is essential to build a diverse and united coalition of Washington organizations. We invite any groups interested in working towards nuclear weapons nonproliferation or abolition to join us in the fight for a safer future. 

Our Primary Campaign: Stopping the New Arms Race: There are roughly 14,350 nuclear weapons in the world, which represent a constant threat to global security. The US government plans to spend billions on rebuilding the entire nuclear weapons arsenal (of roughly 7,000 weapons) at a projected cost of a trillion dollars over the next thirty years. The obscene cost of nuclear weapon expansion diverts money that could be used for badly needed civil infrastructure and social programs that would truly increase our nation's well-being, security and resiliency. Escalating our nuclear weapons program ensures a constant threat to life as we know it, and promotes a new arms race reminiscent of the Cold War. 

The new arms race is hidden underground (or undersea) from the public, and there has been a noted and irresponsible absence of debate in Congress and in the press. We must bring attention to the astronomical cost of nuclear weapons and the associated dangers of recommitting ourselves for at least another generation to such weapons of mass destruction. We will work to regenerate a civil society coalition and a public discourse on the irrelevance, huge risks, immorality, and fiscal irresponsibility of rebuilding and maintaining a nuclear weapons stockpile. We will engage our elected officials in meaningful discussion of these issues. 

Interim goals include, but are not limited to:

  • Gain support from and identify champions in Congress for our campaign
  • Stop proposed nuclear weapons "modernization" plans, which include: building 12 new trident submarines, replacing the B-21 long-range bomber, replacing our 400 land-based ICBMs, and producing the new long-range stand-off (LRSO) nuclear-capable cruise missile
  • Remove all nuclear weapons from high-alert status
  • Commit the US to a policy of no first use of a nuclear weapon
  • Ratify the long-overdue Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty to prevent renewed nuclear testing
  • Keeping nuclear materials out of the hands of terrorists
  • Engage in grassroots and public education on the dangers and current status of nuclear weapons
  • Define a plan for a just transition for workers involved in nuclear weapons production
  • Redirect proposed funds for rebuilding nuclear weapons to beneficial efforts, which could include housing, education, and health programs, as well as strengthening the US economy 

Join us!

What will coalition membership entail?

We ask that organizations commit to undertaking a majority of these actions: 

  • Designate a contact person or representative to the coalition
  • Participate regularly in scheduled meetings (no more frequently than one/month) of the coalition, either in person or remotely
  • Carry out educational efforts with your own organization's/community's members about nuclear risks and this campaign
  • Participate with WPSR Nuclear Weapons Task Force members in meetings with WA members of Congress (optimally members who live in the Congressional districts)
  • Initiate public education and advocacy efforts when possible or appropriate (public talks, letters to the editor, opinion pieces, etc.) on US nuclear plans and the risks

We do not expect or require direct financial support from participating organizations.

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